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Rislone Trans Fix

Rislone Trans Fix

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  • Synthetic blend treatment for transmission fluids, seals, metal surfaces, bands and clutch plates.
  • Compatible with all automatic, manual, CVT and DCT transmissions including “S-Tronic and “DSG” dual clutch transmissions.
  • Compatible with all transmission fluids.
  • Seal conditioners stop leaks and help prevent future leaks.
  • Extreme pressure and anti-wear agents provide metal to metal anti-friction properties to stop slipping, jerking, hard shifting, shudder and chatter.
  • Performance additive package renews worn bands, controls fluid degradation caused by high temperatures, reduced noise and prolongs the useful life of your transmission.

Rislone Trans Fix is the ideal product for all types of transmissions suffering from performance loss due to age. Improves the performance of all types of transmissions suffering from slipping, shudder and hard shifting. Seals transmission fluid leaks caused by aging O-rings and rubber seals.

One bottle treats transmission fluid capacity of 6,5 to 10 litres.

Pack Size
340 ml
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Intake Manifold

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A crankshaft is a
mechanical component used in a piston engine to convert the reciprocating motion into rotational
. The crankshaft is a rotating shaft containing one or more crankpins, that
are driven by the pistons via the connecting rods.

The crankpins are also called rod
bearing journals, and they rotate within the "big end" of the
connecting rods.

Most modern crankshafts are located
in the engine block. They are made from steel or cast iron,
using either a forgingcasting or machining process.

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