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Shell Helix HX5 15w40 - 5L Oil

Shell Helix HX5 15w40 - 5L Oil

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Shell Helix HX5 15w40 - 5L Oil


Premium multigrade motor oil – Helps to remove sludge from dirty engines.

  • Helps to protect against wear and neutralise corrosive combustion acids
  • High total base number (TBN) to help combat corrosion and help to prevent engine damage and prolong engine life
  • Suitable for Petrol and Diesel Engines

Special Features and Benefits

  • Active cleansing technology: Actively locks away harmful performance robbing deposits
  • Active clean-up: Helps to remove sludge left behind by inferior oils
  • Effective wear protection: Helps to protect against wear and neutralise corrosive combustion acids
  • Resistance to oil degradation: Helps to maintain protection throughout the oil-drain interval
  • High TBN: Helps to combat corrosion to help prevent engine damage and prolong engine life
  • Multi-fuel capability: Can be used for gasoline, diesel and gas engines, and is also suitable for biodiesel and gasoline/ethanol blends

Shell Helix HX5 meets the latest API SN PLUS industry standard protecting turbocharged engines from Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI)
Many vehicle manufacturers use turbochargers to increase the power output
LSPI is a phenomenon seen in small modern Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection (TGDI) engines on the road today
LSPI occurs when a mixture of fuel and air in the combustion chambers ignites before spark timing.
To prevent damage from LSPI, a new supplemental motor oil specification, API SN PLUS has been developed
Shell Helix HX5  is designed to protect turbocharged engines against damage from low-speed pre-ignition (including engine ‘super knock’, broken spark plugs, cracked pistons and even engine failure caused by LSPI)

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Intake Manifold

Featuring a series of tubes, the intake manifoldensures that the air coming into the engine is evenly distributed to all the cylinders. This air is used during the first stroke of the combustion process. The intake manifold also helps cool down the cylinders to prevent the engine from overheating.

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A crankshaft is a
mechanical component used in a piston engine to convert the reciprocating motion into rotational
. The crankshaft is a rotating shaft containing one or more crankpins, that
are driven by the pistons via the connecting rods.

The crankpins are also called rod
bearing journals, and they rotate within the "big end" of the
connecting rods.

Most modern crankshafts are located
in the engine block. They are made from steel or cast iron,
using either a forgingcasting or machining process.

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